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Dean’s Message

EPFL Middle East is one of the very few centers in the region to focus on graduate and postgraduate research and education in science and engineering. Our interest and efforts concentrate on main challenges of this century, encompassing cornerstones of sustainable development. Graduate research and programs at the MSc and PhD levels are offered jointly in Lausanne and Ras Al Khaimah, providing a unique environment for a research-based graduate education. At the heart of this experience lie high admission standards and uncompromising research excellence, leading to original EPFL degrees. Research projects and training programs are anchored in the academic structure of EPFL and in the laboratories in creation on the Ras Al Khaimah campus.

They draw from specific competences on both EPFL campuses, in what is a unique two-way bridge for graduate research and education between the Middle East and Switzerland. Hands-on research opportunities, world-class facilities in preparation in Ras Al Khaimah, and access to technologies developed at EPFL allow for addressing specific topics at the heart of sustainable development for the years to come: Wind Energy and Engineering, Energy Management and Optimization, Water Resources, Sustainable Urban and Architectural Design, Innovative Transport Systems, among other topics.

EPFL Middle East and EPFL attract outstanding international students and Faculty. Our Graduates are prepared to take on leading scientific and managerial positions. I invite you to visit this website and ongoing research projects.
These graduate research projects are conducted by brilliant and enthusiastic young scientists, lead by experienced world-class Faculty. Together, they are pioneers, working on a more sustainable future: for us, for our youth, and for the generations to come.

Franco Vigliotti, PhD