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Host Labs - Prof. Jean-Louis Scartezzini Laboratory

Prof. Jean-Louis Scartezzini Laboratory

Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB)

Our Aim
The Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) works at the forefront of research and technological development in renewable energy, building science and urban physics.

The Lab's research activities focus on the development and implementation of energy efficient, renewable and sustainable energy technologies in the built environment.

Research is carried out in the context of national and international collaboration with renowned academic institutions and industrial partners (National Research Programmes, European Framework Programmes, and International Energy Agency). Results are widely published in refereed scientific journals and conferences.

Transfer of novel technology and scientific knowledge to practice is ensured through publications, postgraduate courses, industrial applications (patents and spin-off companies) and development of software for design and analyses in the domain of building science, urban physics as well as renewable energy.

Furthermore, the scientific equipment (scanning skydome, bidirectional photogoniometer, PV Demosite, climatic chamber, etc.) and expertise of the LESO-PB are called on in the framework of industrial and academic partnerships.

Every two years, the Laboratory organises the CISBAT Conference, an international platform for the presentation of advances in sustainable building.  For more information visit our web page Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory .

Research Areas:

  • Energy efficiency in the built environment and building integrated solar energy conversion systems
  • Energy savings in buildings and improvement of indoor environment quality and health through:
  • Advanced integrated day- and electric lighting systems based on non-imaging optics
  • Optimal and adaptive building controllers inspired by living organisms
  • Urban physics and computer modeling of sustainable cities