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Host Labs - Prof. Thomas Keller Laboratory

Prof. Thomas Keller Laboratory

Composite Construction Laboratory (CCLAB)

Our Aim
The CCLab research aim is to make significant contributions to the development of a new generation of innovative high-performance infrastructure systems. Research interests are focused on composite or hybrid materials and engineering structures with an emphasis on lightweight structures and advanced composite materials.

The purpose of the teaching activities is to provide an education of the highest quality to students of architecture and civil engineering in the fields of structural engineering and composite materials. Since 1999, the CCLab teaching activities have been cross-disciplinary between structural engineering and architecture, and thus fit perfectly into the new philosophy of "Projeter Ensemble" or "Design and Build Together" of the ENAC school. For more information visit our web page Composite Construction Laboratory .

Research Areas

  • Fiber-reinforced polymers
  • Lightweight structures
  • Sandwich structures
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Multi-functionality
  • Fatigue
  • Fire endurance