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Transportation Center

Transportation Center (TRACE)

Our Aim:
TraCE is the interface between EPFL and external world (private and public sectors) for all questions related to the transportation and mobility of people and goods. TraCE's main role is to foster technology transfer in this field through the initiation of partnerships with industry and public authorities.

TraCE is the entry point at EPFL for all research projects dealing with transportation and mobility, and also the main contact point to build up partnerships and consortiums in order to participate in European-funded research programmes and other funding schemes. TraCE is also a rallying structure to set up continuing education programmes and short courses dedicated to specific themes.

Our Focus:
Research carried out by TraCE involves all aspects of mobility of people, goods and information, as these are key elements of modern societies and crucial for their economic and social development.

Planning, managing and operating transportation systems, in order to fulfil the everlasting increase of mobility needs, while controlling the direct and indirect costs, is a difficult and important challenge, and research can decisively contribute its added-value to optimise these aspects and foresee new and better solutions.

Addressing this challenge requires the creation of new paradigms and, therefore, the development of advanced interdisciplinary research. Indeed transportation research is one of the transdisciplinarity fields that brings together the whole spectrum of EPFL's key competences, as it involves laboratories from all the EPFL’s schools.  For more information visit our web page Transportation Center .