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Built environment - Carlos Pascual Agulló

PhD candidate:        Carlos Pascual Agulló
Thesis direction:        Thomas Keller, Julia de Castro
Main Laboratory:        Composite Construction Laboratory (CCLAB)
Project time line:        09.2010– 08.2013
Research project:    
Thermomechanical long-term behavior of composite sandwich structures with encapsulated photovoltaic cells.

The objective of the research is the investigation of the long-term behavior of multifunctional glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) sandwich structures with encapsulated photovoltaic (PV) cells.

The sandwiches are intended for use in multifunctional envelope or roof structures of low-energy buildings in tropical climates. The energy supply provided by the encapsulated V cells presents a further step in function integration, in addition to the structural, building physics and architectural functions already provided by GFRP sandwich structures.

Topics of investigation are the extent to which structural integrity and operational reliability can be maintained if subjected to long-term hot and humid climates, such as in the United Arab Emirates.

The following parameters will be investigated: sandwich skin and core materials, type of PV cells, temperature cycles (simulating sun radiation), humidity (including salt), mechanical loading (e.g. walking on the sandwich surface), and abrasion (due to wind-borne sand particles).