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Built environment - Minergie

MSc candidate:    Fouad Aabid
Thesis direction:    J.-L. Scartezzini, C.-A. Roulet
Collaboration with R. Kriesi , F. Vigliotti
Main Laboratory:    Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory
Project time line:    11.2010  –  06.2011
Research project:    Towards a Minergie®-standard for tropical climates.

The Minergie®-standard is among the most applied building energy label in the world (about 20’000 labeled buildings in Switzerland by the end of 2010). It is obviously a strong incentive for designing low energy buildings in a perspective of climate change, as the standard not only asks for low energy consumption, but for above average comfort and competitive cost.

It has even been extended by “Minergie-Eco” (low environmental impact buildings) and “Minergie-P” (optimized for passive solar gain). The methodology applied to evaluate the building energy performance and the conditions for getting the label are yet valid for temperate - cold climates only, where buildings are dominated by space heating and domestic hot water production, and where cooling is only a minor issue. For hot and humid areas, a Minergie®-standard exists for small villas in southern Japan only, where heating and cooling are equally required. There is therefore a need for a similar standard that can be applied to different types of buildings in areas dominated by cooling loads, as it is common in the tropical and sub-tropical climates of the world.