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Built environment - Organicities

Format:    Masters--‐level architectural studio (15 students)
Professor:    Jeffrey Huang
Assistants:    Nathaniel Zuelzke, Trevor Patt, Mark Meagher, Guillaume Labelle
Main Laboratory:    Media x Design Lab (MxD) Project time line: 09.2010 – 08.2011
Research project:    Organicités: Ras Al--‐Khaimah

Ras Al-Khaimah examines novel parametric urban design methods for the ecological development of the EPFL Middle East campus. Conventional master plans typically propose a single static ‘end’ condition (at best with a few intermediate phases) derived from a top-down vision, often incapable of responding to changing micro-climatic, topographical and cultural conditions. Frozen in an outmoded context, such strategies deliver ineffective planning in the short-term and require extensive recapitulation in the long-term. In this studio, we will fundamentally challenge traditional master plans and propose radically new ways to design architecture and urban/landscape systems organically.