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Energy - Yu-Tin Wu

PhD candidate:    Yu-Ting Wu
Thesis direction:    Fernando Porté-Agel
Main Laboratory:    WInd engineering and Renewable Energy laboratory (WIRE)
Project time line:    09.2010 – 08.2012
Research project:    A large-eddy simulation framework for wind energy studies

The goal of this project is to develop a numerical modeling framework for aerodynamic simulations of wind turbines operating in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL). In this framework, two major numerical techniques are adopted and combined: (a) a large-eddy simulation (LES) technique used to simulate turbulent air flows, and (b) a wind-turbine model used to parameterize the effects of wind turbines on the flows.
In order to ensure the accuracy of this numerical modeling framework, experimental measurements collected in the wake of three-blade miniature wind turbines placed in a wind-tunnel boundary layer flow are used for model validation.

The characteristics of the simulated turbine wakes (average velocity and turbulence intensity distributions) are similar to what we observed from the wind-tunnel measurements. In general, the numerical models can produce reasonable results in the turbine wake.

Future efforts will focus on further development, validation and application of this framework in a variety of cases involving different atmospheric stability conditions (neutral, stable and unstable), land-surface characteristics (land cover and topography) and wind-farm layouts.