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Transport and Mobility Laboratory

PhD candidate:     Nitish Umang
Thesis direction:     Michel Bierlaire
Project time line:     01.2011 – 12.2014
Research project:     Large scale robust optimization of bulk port operations.

The primary objective of this research is to develop large scale robust optimization algorithms providing sustainable solutions for bulk port operations accounting for uncertainties and disruptions in operations. The devised models and algorithms will be tested and validated in a real-world context using as a case study, the SAQR port in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

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PhD candidate:     Bilge Atasoy
Thesis direction:     Michel Bierlaire, Matteo Salani
Project time line:     11.2010 – 10.2014
Research project:     Integrated schedule planning for a new generation of aircrafts

Sustainability has become a key topic in transportation in the last decades where the aim is to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment. One of the most important paths toward sustainability in this sector is to optimize transportation operations required in several dimensions to fulfill a given transport demand.

To achieve this goal in the context of multimodal transport, there is a clear need for flexibility in capacity. This flexibility is adequately provided by a new concept developed at EPFL, named Clip-Air, for air transport. Clip-Air is a modular innovative aircraft with detachable load units which enable to adjust at best capacity according to demand.

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