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First Semester Student Presentations

Beginning in September 2011, 20 students from around the globe, came together on the campus of EPFL Lausanne to embark on their Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) degree.  MES is a unique interdisciplinary opportunity fully geared towards achieving lasting advances in a world where the issue of sustainability has become paramount.

Our students receive theoretical and practical training, using state-of–the-art environmental and sustainable research within a development framework. The objective of this innovative Master program is to educate engineers with a multidisciplinary profile, capable of mastering real-world thinking and complex problem solving.

The students earned their degree upon obtaining 120 ECTS over a two-year study period. The curriculum is mainly completed at EPFL-Lausanne, Switzerland, while the second year may be held partly at EPFL Lausanne and partly at EPFL Middle East, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

The program uses a broad-based educational platform - which includes courses across all of EPFL's programs in Lausanne - to train the new generation of engineering professionals to tackle critical issues in energy management and sustainability.

A new project-focused curriculum has been created, built on scientific rigor and professional practice, to provide a unique, interdisciplinary training within this domain.

The new generation of problem solvers will be able to understand complex systems such as: smart grids for electricity distribution; water dissemination systems; environmental services and electronic networks that control energy consumption. And ultimately, be able to both maximize their efficient use and minimize their negative impact on society.

A strong emphasis is placed on dealing with engineering tasks, taking into consideration important technical, economical, environmental, safety and social constraints.

Students also gain skills in project management and implementation that will help them to find solutions for a wide range of modern-day energy engineering issues.

Multidisciplinary projects are proposed at the beginning of the program, and a mentor is assigned for each project. The students work in a team to address these projects. An industrial internship will provide practical experience in a professional setting.

Contact Information for the Master in Energy Management and Sustainability is

Program Director: Prof. Maher KAYAL
Administrator: Mrs Suzanne Manné