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We caught up with them to see how things are going.

A group of students from the Master’s program for Energy Management and Sustainability, jointly organized by EPFL and EPFL Middle East, have decided to brave the Middle Eastern summer heat and spend up to over three months in the United Arab Emirates for their industry internships.


The internships, made possible thanks to close ties between EPFL Middle East and companies located in the UAE, are an integral part of the Master’s program, giving the students valuable exposure to the world that awaits them if they opt to pursue a career in industry.


As much as they are a professional experience, the internships are also a cultural one. On week-ends, the team at EPFL Middle East have made it their mission to send the students on field-trips to the four corners of the country. And during their work hours, the students come face to face with new facets of a culture very different from their own.


Each student is involved in a project closely related to the production, the management, and the sustainable use of renewable energies. Feedback from their employers has been overwhelmingly positive. “Some of the hosting companies have already told us that they are impressed by the high quality of the students, who from day-one were able to work in a mature and independent manner,” says Maher Kayal, coordinator of the Master’s program. 

StudentPortraitFengtian Zhu - Programing and designing moving Fresnel mirrors to concentrate sunlight at CSEM-UAE


“Working here, especially during Ramadan, has been challenging, but it has been a great experience, both academically and culturally. Now I know what it is like to work in a company as opposed to in the lab, where everything was well prepared for me.”

StudentPortraitRamesh Roshan Das Guru - Increasing the energy efficiency in the production and utility line at Falcon Technologies International (FTI)


“To see the manufacturing process in a high-tech industry and actually go in-depth in optimizing the flow of energy, material and money has been a great experience in every way.”

StudentPortraitChang-Hung Chen - Designing of a robot to clean Fresnel mirrors for solar modules at CSEM-UAE


“For my project, I have to contact suppliers, negotiate with them and manage all the schedules and meetings myself - experiences that I wouldn’t have had at the university.”

StudentPortraitKarthik Kumar - Concept of implementing a miniature smart-grid able to interact with the main power grid at CSEM-UAE


“I am getting my first experience in industrial research and development, where everything is much more research driven than at the university.”


Gorkem Soyumer - Preparing commercial offers of hybrid energy systems at Ambata Capital Middle East


“Since we work closely with Masdar in Abu Dhabi, I have had great opportunities to learn about the latest developments in seamless renewable applications and have come into contact with key people in charge of large scale renewable projects.”


Patel Pranav Suresh - Performance Study of PV Panels at different tilt angles and PV System Analysis at CSEM - UAE


“I’ve gone from knowing only the basics of how photovoltaic systems work to basically knowing how to plan an entire home installation.” 


Corina Stoenescu - Market research and business strategy development for solar solutions at ABB Middle East - Dubai


“My internship has given me a broad overview of the technologies used in the solar business and how they can be adapted to the specificities of a given market as profitable projects.”