Photovoltaic System Integration into a Mini Grid Share Share

In the past, the off-grid electricity demand of the research centers in the CSEM-UAE Solar Laboratory was met using a diesel generator and multiple stand-along photovoltaic power plants with storage.

For his Master’s thesis, which he carried out with CSEM-RAK in Ras al Khaimah, Gorkem Soyumer designed and installed a hybrid mini-grid that exploits solar electricity by creating a centralized storage bank, integrating power into the diesel grid, and trading electricity with the city grid. 

By connecting the mini-grid to the city grid, wasted electricity could potentially be eliminated altogether, leading to a better exploitation of the available infrastructure and a reduced reliance on diesel generators.   


Gorkem Soyumer


CSEM-RAK – Ras al Khaimah (UAE)


17 June 2014
17 June 2014


Rachid Cherkaoui