Monthly science column

An international flight that leaves from a train station

Michel Bierlaire - The National (UAE) - Sun, 07/07/2013
Could aviation change so radically from the way we know it? History suggests that in the future it will look very much like it does today, with ever larger, faster, and stronger airplanes. While improvements in engines and materials have led to a ste... Read
Monthly science column

Ancient Arabic architecture may be answer to coping with hot climate

Marilyne Andersen - The National (UAE) - Sun, 06/09/2013
When we think of mashrabiya, the elaborately designed screens used in traditional Arabic architecture, modernity is not the first thing that springs to mind. But like other traditional architectural solutions, mashrabiya could help us develop more su... Read
Monthly science column

Smart plugs will ease risk of blackouts from power surges

Maher Kayal - The National (UAE) - Sun, 05/12/2013
What if your home were smart? If it knew what room temperature you liked to wake up to, which lights you dimmed when you watched television, and told you how much power you consumed every day? Technology has permeated our lives via our smartphones, b... Read
Monthly science column

A solar sandwich for 21st century buildings

Thomas Keller - The National (UAE) - Sun, 04/14/2013
Imagine a building that, like a plant, uses its entire surface to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. It’s not an average rectangular building with black solar panels jutting out from the roof; instead, picture an aesthetic, organic st... Read
Monthly science column

Can rooftop solar power make a difference to the UAE?

Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger - The National (UAE) - Sun, 03/10/2013
Europe has become a world leader in solar-power production, with often-cloudy Germany leading the pack. Essential to that progress have been feed-in tariffs, a mechanism that obliges local utilities to buy locally produced renewable electricity at a ... Read
Monthly science column

Sharing knowledge across disciplines is key to the future

Maher Kayal - The National (UAE) - Sun, 02/10/2013
As the global appetite for energy grows, the way it is produced, distributed and consumed is undergoing a profound transformation. As educators, we need to prepare our students to confidently enter the job market and participate in finding solutions ... Read
Monthly science column

Predicting air turbulence is almost like catching the wind

Fernando Porté-Agel - The National (UAE) - Sun, 01/13/2013
Clear air turbulence has long been a nuisance and a hazard to aircraft and passengers. It is invisible, unpredictable, and tends to strike when it is least welcome – during your in-flight lunch, for example...... Read
Monthly science column

UAE can learn lessons from Europeans on renewables

Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger - The National (UAE) - Sun, 12/09/2012
Abu Dhabi is on a mission to get 7 per cent of its power from renewable sources by 2020, and it is starting to show. The rooftop solar plant at the Masdar Institute is up and running. Shams 1, the region's first full-blown concentrated solar... Read
Monthly science column

Sensors may be the solution to finding underground water leaks

Ian Smith - The National (UAE) - Sun, 11/11/2012
Around the world, close to 20 per cent of drinking water is lost to leaks in water networks, and that figure doubles in some developing countries, where resources to repair outdated infrastructure are lacking...... Read
Monthly science column

How maths can prevent a repeat of the Heathrow airport chaos

Michel Bierlaire - The National (UAE) - Sun, 10/14/2012
In 2008, a chain of events that began with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom cutting a ribbon led to almost a week of chaos at Heathrow Airport. Passengers were stranded as mountains of luggage piled up, and hundreds of flights...... Read