Ancillary Market Strategies for the Interaction Between the Railway Network and the National Grid Share Share

For historical reasons, two independent power systems operate in Switzerland: the SwissGrid, and the Swiss Railway (SBB) grid. Although both operate at different frequencies, today they form an interdependent system, connected via power-electronics converters.


The goal of Negin Sohrabkhani’s Master’s project was to develop a mathematical model to find the optimal transmission system in the interconnected SwissGrid - SBB system.


She carried out a probabilistic analysis over the electric load of the railway system, taking into account technical constraints for transmission and generation equipment and economic and reliability criteria to determine a specific minimum reserve provision. 


Negin Sohrabkhani


EPFL – Lausanne


18 February 2013
21 June 2013


Sidi-Rachid Cherkaoui