Feasibility analysis of a Glycerin-to-Methanol Process Integrated in Biodiesel Production in Brazil Share Share

Methanol is a primary feedstock for biodiesel production, and it is traditionally produced from natural gas and coal. Crude glycerin, a byproduct of biodiesel production, is an alternative source of methanal, and is so abundant today that it is considered waste. 


Although an industrial process to convert crude glycerin into methanol exists, the Supermethanol process, it is still under development. 


For his Master’s thesis, Yun Feng assessed the Supermethanol process from an economic, environmental, and technological perspective and compared it to traditional sources of methanol in Brazil from both domestic production and foreign import. The results of the study provide objectives on the feasibility of the glycerin-to-methanol concept.


Yun Feng


EPFL – Lausanne


04 March 2013
05 July 2013


Edgard Gnansounou