Market research and assessment of sustainable energy management in the hotel sector: The case of Dubai, UAE Share Share

The Dubai hotel sector is dominated by four and five star hotels, which, due to their high standards in comfort and services also tend to be resource intensive.


For her Master’s thesis at Farnek Avireal in Dubai, Cecilia Andrade assessed the performance of Dubai hotels in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. To do so, she designed and carried out an extensive survey of hotel managers active in the city. Her results showed that, while environmental awareness was generally quite high, the level of engagement was fairly low.


Her work further sought to point out areas of possible effective improvements, and identify the kind of support needed by the sector to set and reach relevant targets in energy and water conservation.


Cecilia Andrade


Farnek Avireal – Dubai


08 April 2013
02 August 2013


Franco Vigliotti