Prospective study of synergies between solar chimney power plants, atmospheric CO2 capture, and the valorization of CO2 Share Share

Solar chimney power plants (SCPP) are one of the renewable energy technologies being developed to replace fossil fuels for electricity production. This power plant can be coupled with the direct capture of atmospheric CO2, essentially transforming the chimney into a giant CO2 capture unit. 


The aim of Gréfoire Virard’s Master’s project was to analyze the potential for synergies between electricity production and CO2 capture in a SCPP with a capacity of 200MW and to determine which of the capture technologies are most suitable. 


In his analysis, he considered six capture technologies, which he evaluated based on a multi-criteria analysis including technical, environmental and financial criteria. Additionally, he compared the performances of direct air capture with two technologies used today to capture atmospheric CO2. 


Grégoire Virard


Social Business Assistants (SBA) – Lausanne


18 February 2013
21 June 2013


François Maréchal