Thermal performance evaluation of receiver for Linear Fresnel Concentrator (LFC) for a CSP-DSG system – design, implementation, and testing Share Share

Concentrated solar power plants use sunlight to produce the superheated steam required to drive a conventional power cycle. In linear concentrator systems, the heat is generated using parabolic trough mirrors that focus the sunlight onto a horizontal absorber tube filled with a heat transfer fluid. 


For his Master’s thesis, Pranav Suresh Patel evaluated the performance of a novel  receiver mounted in the focal point of a linear Fresnel concentrator, a flat low-cost alternative to conventional parabolic concentrators with similar optical properties. In particular, he investigated the heat losses of the novel receiver and provided guidelines for optimized receiver designs with reduced losses.


Pranav Suresh Patel


CSEM-RAK – Ras al Khaimah (UAE)


18 February 2013
16 August 2013


Sophia Haussener