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Master's project
For her Master’s thesis, Emeline Platel worked with Colas Suisse Holding SA, a Swiss industrial and construction company, to develop a strategic energy plan to reduce energy related costs on the one hand, and position itself as a leader in the ... Read
Master's project

The Impact of Distributed Generation on Energy Trading

Corina Stoenescu
BKW – Bern | Fri, 02/01/2013 - Sun, 06/30/2013
Power generation from locally available renewable sources is increasingly gaining attention and support, but the integration of these new sources of energy into the power grid still poses great challenges to power providers.   For her ... Read
Master's project

Market research and assessment of sustainable energy management in the hotel sector: The case of Dubai, UAE

Cecilia Andrade
Farnek Avireal – Dubai | Mon, 04/08/2013 - Fri, 08/02/2013
The Dubai hotel sector is dominated by four and five star hotels, which, due to their high standards in comfort and services also tend to be resource intensive. For her Master’s thesis at Farnek Avireal in Dubai, Cecilia Andrade assessed t... Read