Monthly science column

How to turn research theories into commercial enterprises

Franco Vigliotti - The National (UAE) - Sun, 04/13/2014
When Gorkem Soyumer, an EPFL Middle East student, finished his master’s thesis, he was able to do what many young graduates only dream of – help turn his research into a business...... Read
Monthly science column

Smart plugs will ease risk of blackouts from power surges

Maher Kayal - The National (UAE) - Sun, 05/12/2013
What if your home were smart? If it knew what room temperature you liked to wake up to, which lights you dimmed when you watched television, and told you how much power you consumed every day? Technology has permeated our lives via our smartphones, b... Read
Monthly science column

Sharing knowledge across disciplines is key to the future

Maher Kayal - The National (UAE) - Sun, 02/10/2013
As the global appetite for energy grows, the way it is produced, distributed and consumed is undergoing a profound transformation. As educators, we need to prepare our students to confidently enter the job market and participate in finding solutions ... Read