Monthly science column

Can rooftop solar power make a difference to the UAE?

Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger - The National (UAE) - Sun, 03/10/2013
Europe has become a world leader in solar-power production, with often-cloudy Germany leading the pack. Essential to that progress have been feed-in tariffs, a mechanism that obliges local utilities to buy locally produced renewable electricity at a ... Read
Monthly science column

UAE can learn lessons from Europeans on renewables

Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger - The National (UAE) - Sun, 12/09/2012
Abu Dhabi is on a mission to get 7 per cent of its power from renewable sources by 2020, and it is starting to show. The rooftop solar plant at the Masdar Institute is up and running. Shams 1, the region's first full-blown concentrated solar... Read